Robert Cassidy

For me 2017 has been about trying to learn my craft in triathlon under the guidance of Racepace. Since taking up the sport in 2013 I have been developing as an athlete and there is still so much for me to learn, but 2017 stands out as one where skills have been honed, training has been specific to me and coaching with personal 1-1 feedback has resulted in many good race performances. Instead of just being a number on a club membership card and just turning up for club runs/rides, I get a weekly training plan which is specific to me. I’m convinced that the resulting growth for me as an athlete is significantly more than it would be if I were not coached.

This is my burning passion though and not everyone is going to be like me, so I can only speak for myself. If you don’t what to be asked the tough questions about how you executed a specific swim set, or why you did this in a 5k race when you were instructed differently, or why your power on the bike says ‘x’ when it should have said ‘y’ – then personal coaching might not be the way for you. Accountability is everything and I love that, without it how can you improve? Just going up and down the pool with no real remit or understanding of why you are doing a set is pointless, is it not? Knowing your breathing patterns, stroke rate, levels of intensity, going times and coming in times is something I love and have massively benefitted from.

How many people train but don’t understand what they are training for, more to the point how they should be training? I count myself as one of the lucky athletes who knows the reasoning behind my training and it is all based around my aspirations and goals for the upcoming race season. A review of the year and then discussing the next year with my coach allows him to plan my short, medium and long- term training where no stone is unturned, the attention to detail always amazes me.

When it comes to racing I love the fact that my coach will come with me to some races, even when it means staying away for a night. Watching my progression and race execution means he gets an understanding of where I am at and areas that need to be improved. The support gives me the extra 10% I need to get my race head on and perform to the best of my abilities, mainly because I want to be proud of myself but also make my coach proud – it is a dual relationship where both of us put 100% effort in.

To finish I would categorically state that under the coaching of Rodger I have massively improved as a triathlete, the financial investment which I make monthly is without doubt worth every penny. Looking forward to going out tonight with the Racepace crew for our Christmas get together – bowling, food and water. Ha ha

Robert Cassidy