personal triathlon coaching

passionate and experienced coaches who thrive on helping you develop and achieve.

I can honestly say that during the last 18 months I have been coached by Racepace I have felt that they are entirely focused on the athlete, take real interest in performance, are with you through both the highs and the lows and approach training and racing in an extremely professional manner. Money is certainly not what drives them, it is personalised athlete-centred coaching, which is a very refreshing change.

Mark Egan

'Tri' is one of the fastest growing & most competitive sports out there.

The gym can provide you with the tools required to strengthen your muscles, improve your speed and increase your endurance; a good coach will provide you with the necessary skills to bring out your potential. If you're keen to improve - knowledgeable, real time, hands-on coaching delivers. 

We provide holistic personal triathlon coaching ensuring you achieve nothing but your best.