Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching with us is focussed on progressively developing athletes technically, physically and psychologically. It is most suited to those who are deeply invested in their long term development. If you are serious about making genuine improvements, there are no quick fixes.

'The best things in life take patience'

  • From the beginning of the relationship we will see you, the athlete, for an in-depth, face to face and off the clock coached training session at least once every four weeks. Depending on the level of input you opt for, you can have anywhere from one to eight coached sessions per four week block. The session or sessions can and will take place in a number of different environments.

  • Through regular, open communication these sessions will work around both respective diaries.

  • In conjunction with the coached sessions you will receive bespoke training plans reactive and specific to you, your goals, your environment and the facilities available to you.

  • Apart from the coached sessions, you'll have unlimited access to your coach via telephone and multiple mediums 24/7, this is something we feel is essential to your development and which we actively encourage.

  • We will provide HD footage of your sessions, enabling comprehensive feedback for swimming, cycling, running and transitions, which will take place throughout the training and racing year.

  • We will be present at appropriate races to offer guidance and support when it matters most. We can, where needed, also give you practical nutritional advice.

  • Athletes receive a discount when joining British Triathlon.

  • Our pledge is to constantly strive to make the coaching experience a positive, productive and an enjoyable one. 

  • We don't believe in contracts - you can enter an initial four week block to see how it works for you.

Cost: from £225 per four week block

Racepace coaches are based in two locations, Rodger is based in Barrowford and Sarah’s based in Farington, Lancashire.

Barrowford is ideally situated for triathlon training. It is within close proximity to two swimming pools, an open water venue, an athletics track, a closed-road cycling track and numerous incredible trail running routes. For indoor sessions, our personal fitness studio includes a wattbike and key gym equipment.


Farington is situated on the outskirts of Preston, Lancashire. It is well equipped for indoor sessions having a Wattbike Atom, treadmill, TRX and free weights inside. The base has easy access to several public swimming pools, open water venues, a closed-road cycling track, the Ironman UK bike course and a multitude of road and trail running routes.