Personal Coaching

Racepace Personal Coaching involves a close athlete-coach relationship. 

Personal Coaching with us is focussed on progressively developing athletes technically, physically and psychologically.

Those who are invested in their long term development are most suited to this package.   Available with Coach Rodge

The personal coaching package will include:

- From week one, we will see you face to face for an in-depth, off the clock training session every single week. This session can and will take place in a number of different environments.

- Through regular, open communication these weekly sessions will work around both respective diaries.

- In conjunction with the weekly 1-2-1 sessions you will receive bespoke training plans reactive and specific to you, your goals, your environment and the facilities available to you.

- Apart from the coached sessions, you'll have unlimited access to your coach via telephone and multiple mediums 24/7, this is something we feel is essential to your development and which we actively encourage.

- We will provide HD footage of your 1-2-1 sessions, enabling comprehensive feedback for swimming, cycling, running and transitions, which will take place throughout the training and racing year.

- We will be present at appropriate races to offer guidance and support when it matters most. We can, where needed, also give you practical nutritional advice.

- Personally coached athletes receive a discount if they join British Triathlon &/or British Cycling and subsequently compete as a Racepace athlete in either Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon or Cycling events.

- You would also be able to purchase any Racepace kit at cost price.

- Our pledge is to constantly strive to make the coaching experience a positive, productive and an enjoyable one. 

- We do not believe in ‘time-framed contracts.


Cost: £295 per 4 weeks



I first approached Racepace after I had signed myself up to do Ironman Switzerland in July 2013, and felt that I needed some help to give the race my best shot. I had done a handful of triathlons before that, but I knew I had taken on a big challenge. Rodge became my coach about 6 months before the event, and we worked closely together to guide me to successfully completing that event.

During that initial period, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed working closely with a coach, and how quickly I was learning new skills. After the Ironman I decided that I wanted to continue to set new challenges and goals for myself, and to improve as an athlete. 

Over the subsequent three years we have looked at and re-visited many aspects of the sport. Getting pacing right is fundamental when doing multi-sport events, and we are always looking at improving this, either in training, or reviewing post-race. My transitions have improved dramatically, and I also now have a good understanding of how to prepare for a race.

Personally I have been able to identify where my strengths and weaknesses are. As my bike handling skills have improved under Rodge’s guidance, I have come to realise that this is my strongest discipline, and I now particularly enjoy duathlons.

I have had an amazing journey, competing in numerous events all over the world. My highlight to date was representing GB at the World Age Group Duathlon Championships in Adelaide 2015. 

The best thing about working with Rodge as my coach, is that he is always challenging me, mentally as well as physically. And whilst I have become much more confident in my abilities, we are always looking for ways to improve, and always looking to learn. It is also a great deal of fun!