What we do

We believe in forming healthy, positive relationships by working closely with athletes. We invest in establishing an understanding of them as an athlete and as a person.

Our aim is to work closely alongside you with the goal of not just making you fitter, but making you a more athletically intelligent and rounded athlete.  

We take a proactive role ensuring you, the athlete, remain motivated, stimulated and challenged at the right times.

We willingly spend as much time as necessary to plan and evaluate your sessions, making sure we maximise your personal circumstances.

Most importantly, we coach with a positive, optimistic mindset and we strive to inspire you to achieve.

Over time, your potential will be determined by how willing you are to commit to a process; to train, to communicate, to develop & to compete.

Coaching Packages


The Personal Coaching or Gold package involves a close athlete-coach relationship. Those who are invested in their long term development are most suited to this package.



The Coached Athlete or Silver package is most suited to a goal orientated athlete, it involves the right guidance and structure with 1-2-1 input and feedback.



Our Racepace ENDURE or Podium package is an ideology of developing middle to long distance triathletes through interacting, training and racing in a healthy, performance orientated group environment.


Whether you are looking for your first coach or a new coach, it's important athletes have a good idea of how they can maximise their 'Investment'. Please take a few minutes to read Triathlete magazine's article on 'Why Coaching is a Smart Investment'