West Lancs Tri Summer 2019

Steve Ormson

A bit of a change from my recent events but I was looking forward to going back to Edge Hill to try and improve on my previous efforts. I was there for last summer's event and it was the scene of my first triathlon in 2017.

I arrived in plenty of time and realised that the sun was going to play it's part later as it was boiling already.

Set up transition with (more) new shoes attached to the bike and everything else in order of which I was going to put them on.

Happy with my exit and entries and bike position, I wandered off to meet up with Sarah and Pete.

The Swim

I had the lane to myself as there were some no shows. I didn't feel this affected me but after looking at my time afterwards , it was 30 - 40 seconds down on what I've been doing recently. Disappointed.

T1 went perfect, straight to my bike, gear on and out again. 

The Bike

My first flying mount in a race, can definitely improve. 

Once going though, I felt pretty good. I passed lots of people but as it was laps, it's hard to tell who I am actually racing against. The 3 laps flew by and I was back into the campus, as I reached the dismount line, feet out, stood on the left pedal. As my foot hit the ground and I stepped off with my other foot, the shoe came off the flaming pedal. Brakes on, run backwards and picked it up. Into T2 and everything went smoothly, out onto the run.

The Run

I had it in my head not to go too fast, too soon. I needn't have worried. My body wouldn't let me go too fast. Not sure if I put a bit much into the bike but I couldn't settle my breathing down which restricted how fast I could go. I just had to dig deep.

On the 2nd lap I did manage to actually get a bit of speed into my legs but was left feeling that I could have done a bit better.

Overall though, very happy. Over 6 minutes off last years time.

33rd out of 450. 11th in my Age group.

I used to be happy with top half. Now I'm a little disappointed with 33rd.