Ultimate Half Triathlon

Ste Ormson

After competing in the event last year, I was looking forward to going back this year and improving on my time after the hard work I've been putting into training.

I decided to get down to Whitchurch on Saturday to register so we booked a hotel for the night.
I remembered from last year that you could rack your bike after registration and that there was no allocated bike spots, so I took my bike and picked my spot after weighing up the entrance and exit points and the Asics sign on the fence at the end of my row.

Race day arrived so after my porridge and coffee I made the short drive to the venue. I took my time, checking the entrances and exits again then set up my area.

Soon enough, after the briefing we were heading down to the lake.
There was 10 mins to the start so I took advantage and did some swimming to get used to the cool water.
1 minute warning so I moved into my start position, probably near the middle of the pack. This was a big thing for me as I'm still not the most confident. Hooter went and we were off. It all got a little bit closed in but after last weeks training session in Eccy Delph, where Sarah and I did some specific close quarter swimming, I felt a bit less worried than I would have been before.
I finished lap 1 and was feeling good. Climbed out, 20m run then back in for lap 2. There was a bit more space now and I felt like I got into a good stroke and managed to get round lap 2 with no close encounters
Climbed out again and off to transition.
Looked for the Asics sign and straight to my bike. Wetsuit came off fairly easily then everything for the bike went on in the order I'd laid them out in. Happy.
Out of transition, bit of a nightmare with my shoes but calmed myself and I was off.
During the first lap of 2, I realised that I'd made an error getting my bike set up changed a few days earlier without having chance to practice on it. A few aches and pains later, lesson learned.
The wind was also making a relatively easy course pretty tough in parts. 
By lap 2 I was more comfortable so head down and time to pass a few more people.
Approaching transition, feet out, decent dismount. Everything went smoothly.
As soon as I set off on the run my usual stitch/ psoas cramp came on. For the next 40 minutes I had to fight the pain and the voices in my head telling me that I may as well give up competing as I will always have this hindrance.
Eventually the pain subsided and I was able to maintain a steady pace for the rest of the run.

Overall I was really happy with my performance, a couple of things I can improve on but we are always learning. A time of 5h21, 20 minutes quicker than last year. 9 mins quicker on the swim /2 mins quicker on the bike {although this was a different course) /9 mins quicker on the run. 

Next up for me is Lakesman half in a couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to racing with fellow Racepace athlete Wendy Drake.

Ultimate Half