Horwich Triathlon

Steve Ormson

First triathlon of the year and the 7th I've ever done. I was feeling more confident about myself and how to race though as I've been building up to this. I'd done a recce of the route with Sarah and was confident that I would be able to put my improving skills to the test.

My morning didn’t quite go to plan and after panicking on the M61 in a traffic jam I arrived a little later than planned. I tried to stay focused as I registered and made my way to transition. Set up my space then spent a while watching people enter and exit the transition area to see how it worked. After going through the number of racks I needed to count to find my spot, I headed over the road to the pool.

Unusually for me, I wasn't too nervous about the swim. Just remembered my coach's words not to go off to fast. Getting in the lane there was 1 other athlete already in and another who got in behind. I was hoping I would be able to draft off one of them but it wasn’t to be. Concentrating on my pace and after what seemed like a minute, I was climbing out of the pool for the long run to transition.

Glasses, helmet, bike, I'm off. Mounted the bike as practiced and I was on my way. Definitely feeling like the bike is my strong point at the moment so I was very comfortable. The only downside, I was overtaken twice. Gutted. Coming back to transition there is a junction which is a compulsory stop about 100m before which needed a bit of thinking. Feet out, stop, dismount, run through, mount, feet resting on top, into transition, dismount. All this went well until I started running into transition and was told my shoe had come off my bike. I was about to turn round when a marshal picked up my shoe and threw it. I've no idea how but I caught it back handed and started running again.

Back to my spot and then Saturday's practicing came into its own. Socks on, trail shoes on and off on the run.
The run is pretty much uphill all the way to the pike then downhill all the way back. My quads were killing by the final climb to the pike but as soon as I reached the bottom of the steps, I picked up the pace. I felt strong all the way down and even managed a decent sprint finish.

Next up for me is a race I’m looking forward to returning after completing it last year, the Ultimate Half on 2nd June.