Racepace Personal Coaching

As triathlon continues to grow in popularity, more & more athletes are looking for help and guidance in our amazing sport. They all have different needs and circumstances; some are simply looking to complete events, many look to significantly improve and some strive to reach their athletic potential.

There's a saying 'What you don't know can't hurt you'. We know this rings true in many aspects of life, but when it comes to training and competing you could argue that 'What you don't know can't help you' is more applicable, and when it comes to triathlon - there's a lot to know.

Generic training plans via online coaching can, but not always, offer relevant structure and accountability - meaning athletes complete the prescribed sessions in the way they believe they should. Athletes can potentially spend whole seasons completing sessions over the three disciplines, unaware that they lack efficiency or understanding in what they're doing. Nevertheless, fitness gains can be achieved and lead to some increase in performance, and that's enough for those athletes. But for those eager to learn more about the sport and achieve their potential, physically, psychologically and technically, working closely with a BTF Level 3 coach can result in a much more rounded, empowered and confident athlete.

The athlete will learn to train and perform in a way they would otherwise have been unable to. Even in just a few hours working closely with an athlete, a passionate, knowledgable coach has the capacity to see issues the athlete cannot, and more often than not offer a solution. They offer the athlete ongoing support across all fronts and help them improve not just athletically but holistically.

It's completely understandable that someone would question why you would, on a weekly basis, pay the cost of a 'good night out' to be personally coached. At the same time it should be understandable that a qualified, experienced coach who's willing to directly invest in your progression is not comparable with online 'coaching'.

As with most areas of life it's easy to believe the hype and fall for a glamorous hook or a bargain basement cost. In general athletes value good coaching and the ones with genuine experience of it are more often than not of the opinion that actual coaching is athlete orientated and best done face to face.

Providing you've a good idea what you want out of the sport, hiring a qualified and experienced triathlon coach could take you to places you never thought possible. If you're eager to learn and you'd like a passionate, hands-on coach who'll invest in your progress please get in touch with us.

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