Friday Turbo Session

Make a great start to 2017 with our turbo sessions, held every Friday 6.30 - 8.00pm at Studiorama. These BTF L3 coached sessions will improve your cycling fitness, pedaling efficiency, pacing, feel and understanding.

Each week a different stimulating session will challenge you both physically and mentally to bring the best out of yourself. Our Wattbike is used for bimonthly power testing which is a great tool to monitor progress and improve awareness.

The session will be structured to include a warm up, a main set and a cool down. Turbo trainers are provided so all you need is a bike, your cycling kit, a drink and a towel. Whether you're looking to just improve on the bike, or are competitive and want this season to be your best yet, we can help. 

The cost is £7.50 per session which is payable weekly at the session. Join the Facebook group for further information and to keep up to date with news and feedback. 

Cyclists should arrive at between 6.30 & 6.45pm and sessions run until 8.00pm

Athlete Testimonial - Paul Smith

I’ve been attending the Racepace Turbo Training sessions for over a year now. I find them beneficial for several reasons:

  • The regularity of the sessions forces a regularity to my training.
  • The variety of the interval sessions undertaken help you to identify the type of rider you are & what your strengths & weaknesses are.
  • It is good to train in a controlled social environment with like-minded people with similar goals. Conversations re: events & activities are motivating & can lead to new interests & new goals being set.
  • The narrative from the coach often makes you think about the science behind what you’re doing. Topics such as fast twitch vs. slow twitch muscles, power, power to weight ratio, gauging pace throughout a set etc. trigger you to think.
  • The approx 8 weekly use of the Watt bikes to measure power output for various durations allows you to see your own progress & the progress of others, so you can gauge your own progress relative to others as well as yourself.

I am now in much better shape than I was 12 months ago & the Racepace Turbo Training sessions are a key element in that improvement.