What is success?

This week I've been in the incredible city of Chicago to support a special person that I've been lucky enough to work alongside for 4 years.

In a few hours Sarah Jepson will compete for her country in her 1st Age-Group World Championships in the 30-34 category.

Obviously anyone interested in Sarah's exploits will look to her finishing time, splits or placing to gauge success. As important as they are, if you're convinced that an athlete is ready to compete to their potential for that particular day and deal with anything that's thrown at them, then the real success has already been achieved.

I've as much confidence in how she will apply and execute her race as I could have in anyone. That's not to say we know exactly what's in store for her over the 1500m swim, 40k bike and 10k run.

Triathlon as a competitive sport should not be underestimated - with many areas to cover there is a lot to learn and for most athletes it just doesn't happen over night.

She has come to Chicago well prepared and has had a healthy amount of composure and relaxation in the days leading up to today.

I'm extremely proud to stand next to her enthusiastic, supportive husband and #1 fan Pete to cheer her on all the way to the finish line. I'm looking forward to taking a post race photo of Sarah smiling, knowing she did what she set out to do - embracing giving absolutely 100% from start to finish.

If you strive to achieve that, then I believe you can call yourself a successful athlete. Any other 'success' should be seen as a bonus - not a prerequisite.


Live timing of all the Olympic Distance Age-Group races is available below.

Live Timing