Speedo day

Posted on March 1, 2015 by Rodge

Training Session with Olympians – Gulp

Last weekend we received an invite from Rodger to participate in a Speedo swim training session at Total Fitness, Preston. I believe Racepace had kindly been offered places via Total Swimming who were assisting Speedo in organising the day. I was flattered to be included as although I’ve always enjoyed swimming- up until 4 years ago I’d never been able to manage more than 25metres of front crawl.

Anyway I was assured that I would gain something from it, and besides I would be able to get out of the pool if it was too much. So I forgot about it for the week.

Saturday morning came and I met my two training friends Lorraine and Jo and we did a steady 9 miles road/trail run. It was a great run but I already had the afternoon looming in my mind and kept trying to forget about it. As we all split up for our respective homes Lorraine piped up about arrangements for the afternoon’s swim.

Suddenly my slightly achy back got much worse, I had tons of jobs to do and any other excuse I could drag out of my head. I left her on the vague notion that I would see how I got along. Came home, stretched my back- it was now fine. Damn there goes that excuse. Anyway time went on and I finally put my stuff in the car and headed off for the 2 hour torture session.

There were quite a few of us there at the pool with all ages. Olympians Cassie Patten and James Goddard had their medals on hand, which were great to see. They both seemed very grounded and normal.

Firstly we did some warm up exercises, so far not too bad. Then we split up into groups.

We had the Olympic Open Water Bronze medalist Cassie for our session. This consisted of breaking down the swim stroke and trying each tip out over two lengths. It was excellent. I learnt so much and didn’t at any point feel rubbish. This part lasted about an hour. For the last 40 minutes we did open water technique, which involved some swimming down lanes in two’s – we had to high five each other on the first one. Lorraine and I were like synchronised swimmers apart from some laughing.

I can honestly say that Speedo and Cassie Patten did an excellent job. I have attended numerous swim training sessions, free and paid for but never got as much from them as I did yesterday. Cassie explained everything very well and related it to something to remember. The funniest was she suggested we said the word bubble when we exhaled underwater. Someone (who shall remain nameless but you can guess, misheard and thought it was a similar sounding word but much ruder!!)

I would encourage anyone who gets the opportunity to participate in another Speedo event to go and not to worry if you are not an amazing swimmer. You will be fine and come away having learnt loads. Take it from someone who nearly missed out on an excellent couple of hour’s yesterday afternoon.

Thanks Cassie for the training tips and Rodger for organising us to attend.

Mandy Walsh