Salt Ayre Triathlon

Posted on September 1, 2014 by Rodge

My race was at 2:05 and the race briefing was at 10:15!  I had about 4 hours before my race!  Luckily the weather was really nice, so 4 hours in the sun wasn’t too bad.   I registered and gained another free tribelt,  being one of the first T3 girls there I got a good place on the racking near the end and I made sure I had plenty of room either side of my bike.

After having a look at the course, I still had over 3 hours before my race so I was able to watch some of the little ones racing and even had time to catch up on some sleep in the car.

I had already decided to run to transition barefoot-  most other people were putting shoes on poolside.  I only took a small plastic bag with my race belt, goggles and hat because I didn’t need my swimming bag.  Before we were about to leave the car I decided to put my spare goggles in aswell- which was very lucky!

I set my race belt by the pool exit and then got into my lane. As I pushed off for a warm up my goggles let water in so with 30s to go I began to tighten them, and they snapped!   After a moment of total blind panic I remembered my spare pair.   Lucky my mum, on poolside, had seen what had happened and had already got my spare pair.  I jumped out the pool and got to show off my netball skills as mum threw me the goggles! The race starter very kindly gave me an extra 30s to get my goggle on and myself in the zone again!

We set off on the 300m swim, for the first time in triathlons I actually felt like I was gliding at a faster pace through the water.  Which is good as usually I feel quite lethargic and slow when I swim in tri’s.  I completed the swim in 4.32 which is pretty fast- for me!  I got out with the majority of girls and after grabbing my tribelt and a speedy barefoot run to T1 to get my bike.  

I was jumping onto my bike with my shoes attached by elastics for the second time in a race situation.  It went really well and I immediately overtook the 4th place girl who was trying to find her pedals.  Shortly after I passed my friend Alice and we briefly encouraged each other.  I got off the bike still in 3rd place.  The course at Salt Ayre made it impossible to tell where I was in relation to the two girls in-front of me.   

I smoothly got off the bike and controlled the bike into transition by the seat.  I set out onto the run feeling pretty good and at a fairly quick pace.  After a few minutes in I began to fear I had set off too fast but then I found my rhythm and caught up to the girl in 2nd.  After 1.4k we turned back and headed along the same route soon after turning I got into 1st place and quickened my pace slightly for a good finish within myself knowing that I had another gear if I needed.  

At the end I felt good how the race went, although there were a few mishaps it gave me a chance to really focus and deal with the things that went wrong calmly and not let it affect my race! (Blythe Fourie)

Salt Ayre Junior Triathlon