Chester Deva Triathlon

Posted on June 10, 2014 by Rodge

Chester Triathlon Club took Olympic Distance event hosting to a new level in 2013.

The Triathlon community saw a new standard of planning, organisation and attention to detail – which pleasingly was clearly athlete centred. This coupled with the fact that it was an AG World Championship Qualifier for London meant it attracted what was, in many peoples opinion, the highest standard of AG racing to date. Many decided immediately after the race that they would come back to race in 2014.

Not being complacent, Chester Triathlon Club went away, evaluated and came back in 2014 with some subtle improvements, this made for the best possible race experience for athletes and supporters a like. I’m sure virtually every competitior would like to thank Chester Triathlon Club for all their hard work to ensure such a successful day all round.

Racepace had 4 athletes competing this year – Wendy Drake, Neil Ainsworth, Victoria Kollard and Sarah Jepson. The consensus was clear – a dry, bright day ensured everyone felt it was another fantastic event.

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Wendy Drake

Sarah Jepson

Neil Ainsworth

Victoria Kollard

Chester Deva Triathlon