Chester Aquathlon

Posted on April 30, 2014 by Rodge

Blythe Fourie was in action again last weekend, in the 400m swim/2.8km run – Chester Aquathlon.

Blythe was one of 20 girls in the T3 category (13-14yr olds). Those girls were split into 3 separate waves. Blythe was in wave 1 and in a lane with one other swimmer, who would swim beside her for the 16 lengths.  Into the 1st turn and all 10 girls were side by side. Fast forward 10 lenghts and Blythe was in 2nd on her own, with one other swimmer several metres in front. Into the last length and they were neck & neck. Assertive out of the pool and a (enforced) speedy walk to her trainers saw Blythe head out onto the run in 1st position. We’d talked about the fact that this particular race was a time trial and had to be completed as fast as possible becasue we wouldn’t know how fast the girls in the other wave would be.

A 7 lap run course that meant you had to collect bands on each lap, this was negotiated well and Blythe ran as fast as possible over the 2.8km course. Blythe’s total time was 17.55 – approximately 6.36 for the swim/transition and 11.19 for the 2.8km run around the playing fields.

Blythe executed the race very well, all we could do now was see how the girls in the other 2 waves performed. Fast forward 20mins and it transpired that Blyhe had won the T3 in a total time of 17.55.

This is Blythe’s 3rd Aquathlon of the year and pleasingly her 3rd win. Next up is the 1st triathlon of the year at Blackpool on Sunday May 11th.

Chester Aquathlon