Blackpool Junior Triathlon

Posted on May 13, 2014 by Rodge

Arrived at the Palatine Leisure Centre in Blackpool with plenty of time before my race, I registered (number 147) and sussed out the course. A 300m swim, 8k bike and a 2.4k run. It had been raining in the morning so the bike course was a bit wet but it was drying up so I had almost blue skies for my race!

I took about 30 minutes working out the most efficient way to rack and lie out all my equipment, after several different layouts I eventually got there!

I set off on the 300m swim, I didn’t feel very good in the water so I didn’t do a very good time. I got out of the swim 7th out of 11 but after a very fast transition I got out onto the bike course in 5th place, so all that preparation paid off! The bike course was a 1k closed track so it was very good to ride on. I gradually got into 2nd place and was really enjoying myself. Coming up to dismount I got my feet ontop of my shoes without any hassle the only problem was I hadn’t realised how fast I was going with the wind behind me pushing me along. I just about managed to control myself after a what was a proper flying dismount!

I got onto the run course just over a minute behind 1st place and I was feeling good. By the 2nd 800m lap I had caught up and taken first place in my wave. I definitely learnt a lot from this race and I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout it!

After all the waves were completed it transpired that Blythe had set the fastest time in the very competitive T3 girls category. This makes it 4/4 wins and she now leads the Junior Series – a fantastic start to her 1st season of racing.. (Blythe Fourie)

Blackpool Junior Triathlon