Racepace Tri

There are many different personality types - some are very single minded and flourish focusing only on themselves, whilst others benefit more from a stimulating, social group. Either way - athletes benefit most from their ideal training environment.

Racepace Tri is an ideology of developing triathletes through interacting, training and racing in a healthy, performance orientated group environment.   Coached by Rodge

Racepace Tri is a training group made up of athletes that all share similar values and understand the benefits of a positive, productive and challenging environment. The athletes strive to be a positive force within the group, actively improving themselves and others with a 'can do' approach.

The facilities we use include Blackburn & Darwen Leisure Centres, SB Cycle Track and Witton Arena. To facilitate this all RacepaceTri group athletes need a 'Beez' card which can be obtained through Blackburn and Darwen Council at a cost of £25.50 per month.

The Racepace Tri Group Coaching will include:

- Multiple BTF Level 3 coached swimming, cycling and running sessions every week.

- Athlete/Coach communication is on a daily basis, we encourage frequent communication and feedback, including video/photo footage and session file uploads through our Facebook group page.

- At the end of the year, athletes decide on a general race calendar with 1 or 2 'A' races - these become the focus for the new season.

- You will be able to join other Racepace athletes to warm weather training camps and training weekends that are planned throughout the year at a discounted rate.

- As part of Racepace Tri group you can receive a discount if you join British Triathlon &/or British Cycling. You would also be able to purchase any Racepace kit of interest at cost price.

- If athletes cannot attend a group session they will be sent the session details to complete at a more appropriate time.

- Please note athletes that join the RacepaceTri group will go through a 4-8 week trial period.


Cost - £175 per 4 weeks

TESTIMONIAL - Robert Cassidy

“ I have always been a sporty person and at school I was always part of the usual teams football, cross country, basketball etc. I carried on as most boys do playing for local football teams around East Lancashire right up until my early 30’s. As the knocks started to take their toll on my body I was looking for something else to quench my thirst for competitive sport (something the body could take).

Knowing Rodger for some years I started doing some of the Wednesday BRIC sessions (Bike/Run), really just to keep active over the summer months but also with one eye on Triathlon. I wanted to know if this new upcoming sport was for me. 2011 was when I started these sessions, after doing a block of 10 and borrowing a bike I decided to buy one myself and carried on doing the BRIC sessions over the year. I also participated in some of the runs Rodger held under the Racepace banner and entered some local running races. That winter I thought I’d enter a local triathlon which was in April 2012 (something to aim for over the winter). Since then I have never looked back. I am totally hooked on the sport, it is super addictive and I love the training as much as the racing (possibly not on some occasions).

I did some years on my own at the sport but I knew to progress I needed professional guidance……..a coach, someone who could get the best out of me and help me reach my goals. So in February 2016 I had a meeting with Rodger about becoming one of his Racepace Tri coached athletes, on leaving the meeting where we discussed me, Racepace and Rodgers coaching I knew I wanted to be part of the Racepace team, luckily Rodger said yes (my enthusiasm must have shone through). 2016 has been a great year for me so far, I have had a podium finish, placed well in some established triathlons and I am always at the business end when the results come out. To top it all off I have just come back from Mexico where I represented GB for my age group 35-39. When I woke up on New Year’s Day this year I would never have predicted all this.

For anyone wanting to improve and see how good they can become at triathlon then professional coaching is the route you need to take. I can’t sing highly enough about what Rodger has done for me. His dedication to multi discipline sports and his attention to detail with all his athletes has made me a much improved triathlete and it is still early days. Roll on the rest of 2017!

It is also worth mentioning that I have met some great friends through Racepace and have been to some wonderful parts of the country to train and race!