Carlisle Junior Triathlon

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Rodge

I went into the race not feeling great, which was worrying because this race would either crown me North West t3 girl champion or mean I would have to race again next weekend! Saturday morning’s land training (which included a lot of press ups) had left my upper arms and hamstrings very achy and very stiff!

I rode/walked the course and at 12 I racked my bike and set up transition. The bike was on grass and was hard enough for a road bike but it was very bumpy. The run was straight forward and the ground was pleasant to run on.

Because I felt so sore I began to warm up and stretch an hour before my race. At 2:30 I almost felt better but my arms were still and bit sore to lift- however I knew when I started racing my adrenaline would kick in and I would be able to swim through it!

In my age group, there were 11 girls racing. In my wave I had 4 girls (including myself) and 4 boys. We set off and immediately I could see Lauren, my competition, pulling away. My arms were ok and I completed the swim at a decent pace ( defiantly no pb’s were challenged though). My 200m split was exactly 3mins, with lots of turns in a 20m pool.

Lauren got out of the the pool a length ahead of me. My bike went very well, I only had I bit if confusion when the tape snapped and was blocking the course, I was unsure because I thought it was part of the course and almost turned out of the bike course! Luckily I remembered and had to ride at the tape and just hope it wouldn’t somehow get caught on my bike. 2 thirds of the way round the 3rd and final lap I had caught and overtaken lauren and was in first place.

I got off the bike first- which was very strange for me- and got out on my run. I wanted to relax and just stay ahead but my wave wasn’t the only T3 girls race so I had to hold my pace and came in to win quite by quite a way!

So that rounds off my first ever season of triathlon, with the North West champion title and heaps of new experiences under my belt! (Blythe Fourie)

Carlisle Junior Triathlon