Eton Dorney Triathlon

After a day of baby sitting the cousins I was surprisingly up for a race! With my start (classed as 15-16yr old youths – high performance drafting race) at 10:25 I arrived at Eton Rowing lake at around 8:45. That gave me plenty of time to have another look at the transition and get ready!

My left hip and right lower back have been a bit sore over the past few week, so I made sure I had a good warm up. Wetsuits were optional but I chose to wear it because I don’t mind taking it off in transition and the extra buoyancy is always welcomed! The water temperature was just right though!

The swim was quite rough, there was a lot of people swimming over other people but I only got hit in the face once! I got out about 10th which for me was a good place to be in. After a quick transition I was 4th on to the bike.

I started working with a girl and we quickly caught the leading pair. I was really happy with my bike pack, everyone had their turn on the front and we worked together nicely! I passed my mum after the first lap and she afterwards said she read the look on my face “look mum, I’m in the front pack!!!”. A few girls caught up and we became a pack of 8, still working but not quite as well as the first lap because the girls who had joined us weren’t as inclined to work.

I got off the bike about third and went on my way on the run still in third! I quickly overtook the girls infront of me and was leading the rest of the run. I caught up to one of the lads at the back and we had a sprint finish- no gains for me but his manhood was on the line- sadly for him I won! Afterwards my hip and back seemed a bit worse, let’s see what the 4 hour journey home do to it! (Blythe Fourie)

Eton Dorney Triathlon