Sochi 2014

Posted on February 22, 2014 by Rodge

Olympic Sportsmen and women are quite incredible.

I wish we could all fully understand just how hard these people work and how much they put into what they set out to achieve. 

Some of the ‘lucky’ ones actually get to realise their dreams and manage to bring home a public endorsing medal, but for me they’re all winners. 

It takes a hell of a lot of guts and determination, over a long period of time, just to put yourself in a position to have a chance of winning. It could be seen as a gamble – as the masses (and sometimes the athletes themselves) may consider it a ‘failure’ if they don’t win a medal. The level of competition, the ridiculously small margins, the endless hours of training and self-discipline can make this lack of perspective a hard thing to deal with but deal with it they may have to.

Over the past 2 weeks these Olympic athletes have put everything they have into achieving their goals and making their country’s proud, and we’ve watched them conduct themselves with real modesty & dignity – which is a lesson to us all.

 ‘Win’ or ‘Lose’ – I believe all these male & female athletes have the capacity to inspire us in our day to day lives – no matter what ‘crazy’ sport it is they’re competing in or where they place.

For those that managed to qualify and compete in the 2014 Sochi Games it was only right that they got to perform in venue’s fitting of their endeavour & skill. The consensus was Sochi surpassed everything the athletes were hoping for. A truly inspiring atmosphere was created which shone through in every session of the fantastic BBC coverage. 

Well done to Sochi and all the Winter Olympic competitors and from our point of view – the GB Team who’ve had the most successful Winter Olympics since 1924. I have absolutely loved watching the amazing array of athletes perform at the highest level and like the 2012 London Olympics, and as a coach they have inspired me to raise my own game…