Fireman’s 2-up Duathlon

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Rodge

On Sunday 16th March 2014 Sarah and I were ready to execute our first race of the season – the Fireman’s Duathlon, but the difference was this was a two-man team event.

After preparing well for the race, we turned up in plenty of time to rack our bikes and carefully go over T1 and T2.  We were both very excited and ready to race.  We had already decided who was going to take the lead at various parts during the race. 

Sarah lead the first 5k trail run out at a perfect and steady intensity which set us up nicely for a strong bike leg. We knew the course was technical and challenging and not to be underestimated.  We focused on maximising each other’s strengths and this enabled us to pass many teams on the way. This was an empowering feeling and it reinforced the importance knowing how to pace a race productively from the beginning.  We had a quick and efficient T2 and again Sarah lead the run out at a steady and consistent pace, which we both maintained throughout. Despite the pace being virtually the same as the first 5K, the perceived effort was much higher.

Having give it our all, we both ran over the finish line together to have it confirmed that we had indeed won the race. We were both very happy as the race had gone according to plan and we made a productive and very well suited team. 

It was a perfect way to start this year’s season. Going forward, we are very much looking forward to all our individual races, starting on 6th April at the Clitheroe Triathlon where we’ll be racing each other!  (Victoria Kollard)

Fireman’s 2-up Duathlon