Clitheroe Triathlon

Posted on April 8, 2014 by Rodge

So the start of the 2014 season has arrived. Woke early this morning and managed to catch the last 5km of the men’s WTS race in Auckland so plenty of inspiration for the day ahead. Had the normal race day nerves but felt like I was able to manage these a lot better than I have previously, something that we have been working on.

With a different swim format than previous years I wasn’t entirely sure how this would work out. We had to do 4 lengths in a lane then duck under the lane rope into the next lane and so on until we had completed 16 lengths. Thankfully for me it worked out quite well with no major hold ups. My time for the swim to T1 was 6.08 pleasingly this was the fastest female swim time.

Out onto the bike and as always it was about focusing, knowing that the hardest part of the course is to come. Having recently worked on effort levels on the bike leg, I felt like I pushed harder than I have before but still within my capabilities. Being a fairly technical course I tried to take advantage of my bike handling skills especially on the descents. Into T2 safe and sound and out on the run.

Having competed in the same event last year I knew that the run leg was not going to be easy and it certainly wasn’t. With recent bad weather there was plenty of mud about and with a slip and fall on the first of two laps I wouldn’t have been alone in finding the going tough. I was passed by one other female, the super-fast Dee Allen who deservedly went onto win the race overall.  I pushed all the way to the line to find I had made equal 3rd place overall. My good friend Victoria Kollard and fellow Racepace athlete (photo) had a storming race and sneaked in-between Dee and myself to take 2nd overall and 1st F40. It was good to see many other faces there who also performed really well. Great to see Wendy Drake making huge improvements on last year – so big well done to her too….

Special mention to Alex Foster of Astley & Tyldesley, who in the middle of the run, and chasing the rapid & overall men’s winner Carl Shaw (Huub TFN RT) found time to hold a gate open for me – what a gentleman.

I’m glad the season has started and I’m looking forward to future races and pushing my mind & body to see just what I’m capable of’.

Clitheroe Triathlon

Special mention to Racepace Bric session guys Rob Simpson, Roger Grogan and Rob Addison who also took part in their first triathlons….fantastic effort. (Sarah Jepson)