Horwich Triathlon

Victoria Kollard and Marcus Sheridan were both in action at the weekend in the Horwich Triathlon, they were also joined by their coach Rodger Wilkins. This event has increased in popularity for 2013 with well over 300 participants racing.

Both Victoria and Marcus were both well prepared for what is a tough course. The run alone has nearly 1200ft of climbing – ouch. A 500m pool based swim sounds relatively straight forward but they can often be far from it.  An ‘interesting’ run from the pool to T1 included negotiating a zebra crossing, however this didn’t prove to be a problem due to a strategically placed marshal. Out of T1 athletes had approximately 50ft of flat road to mount their bikes before they tackled the long drag at the start of the 40k bike.

The undulating 40k ride was made slightly more manageable with the weather behaving itself, though concentration was still needed to pace it correctly. A bit of a curve ball for the less attentive athletes greeted them just before T2, a compulsory dismount at the traffic lights was enforced. Again this all comes down to knowing absolutely everything there is to know about the race. Marcus, Victoria and Rodge all negotiated this well and had slick transitions heading out onto that ‘run’.

The run up to Rivington Pike was not for the faint hearted – many legs were ‘shot at’ after completing two tough disciplines and understandably a number of athletes just had to walk. Pleasingly that didn’t apply to Marcus, Victoria and Rodge.  Marcus and Rodge put in solid runs to finish either side of the 2hr mark overall. Both were very happy with how things went and took something away from it. Victoria was happy with her execution & effort too but as the results aren’t available immediately, confirmation of being the 1st lady home had to wait until later that evening. Later that evening Victoria found out she had won her 1st triathlon….an absolutely fantastic result.

Horwich Triathlon 2013