Fleetwood Triathlon

Posted on September 24, 2012 by Rodge

After a long season, Sarah Black was ready for one last effort at the popular Fleetwood Triathlon. 

This event has a friendly atmosphere, it also puts on a series of fantastic, short and fast, kids triathlons – which are just brilliant to watch. Sarah competed at Fleetwood in 2011 and 2010. 2010 resulted in a time of 1hr 13mins and 2011 – 1hr 10mins. We were looking to reduce that further this time around after all the improvements made through the season. 

After executing what she felt was possibly her best race to date last weekend at Rother Valley, it was ‘simply’ a question of more of the same please. Preparation, clarity, composure, pacing, awareness and determination were all once again in abundance. This resulted in a superb time of 1hr 6mins – a huge 4 mins off last year’s time. After a few recent changes in her swimming programme, Sarah was pleased to hear that she set a P.B in the swim, this was obviously a contributory element to the overall faster time. On a course where the variables from year to year are so minimal, a time comparison is of much more significance. So, a very happy athlete can head into the off season feeling very good about what she’s achieved this season and what she would like to achieve next season.