Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone's winter training has got off to a positive start and you're genuinely excited for what 2016 may bring - we know we are.

For most, winter isn't the easiest of times to stay focused on new goals - worth remembering that's pretty much the same for all of us though, so just manage it as best you can. 

So another year is pretty much over. It's incredible that 'time' never changes but it genuinely does seem to pass quicker every year. It's underestimated just how important it is to make the most of all those days and weeks that come our way. 2015 has given us all much to think about - not just on a sporting front but on many levels. We must strive for positivity, perspective and gratitude for what we have - less moaning and more smiling will go a long way. Achieve that and there's every chance it will manifest into training and racing and you'll have the best year ever.

Over the last few weeks there's been some interesting developments for us and we're extremely excitied about what the upcoming year and the future will bring. #watchthisspace

So, get ready for Christmas and New Year, visit friends & family you know you should and give something back - you'll not regret it in the 'long run'.

Merry Christmas!