Lorraine Thompson

Never did I ever imagine being on the start line of the triathlon world championships but here I was over in Cozumel, Mexico now living the dream.

After a mini meltdown the day before race day I now found myself in my GB tri suit nervous then excited then nervous again but ready to go. Watching my friends in the sprint race days before had made me reassess the race conditions with the heat on the run being my primary concern. I made my decision to be sensible and steady in order to ensure I completed the race and got my hands on a finishers medal.

I was now stood in the swim pen - a shortened swim course but with an additional bonus of a current had left some of the group anxious but I remained positive believing they wouldn't put us in there if the current was risky. I jumped in the water off the pontoon, heard the sound of the horn and swam as practiced,  hard but in control. I soon realised others in the field were playing rough being sandwiched in a pincer movement by 2 of my german participants and a sneaky dead leg and over the top lunge by a minxy Mexican left me pushed under the turnaround buoy, thank goodness I'd been practicing my underwater army rolls in the apartment pool  pre race day 😉

Next out of the swim and on the bike praying my pimped up bike courtesy of Pierre Jepson mobile bike mechanic would make me quicker. In fact it definitely did , my bike ran like a dream, my aero bars with built in sweat bands worked a treat and my hydration unit released just enough fluids to complete the bike leg. 

Now for the final stage come on Thompson get it done!!! Chants from the GB spectators were amazing and kept me going as did the 2 Leyland nutters aka Amanda Walsh trusty sidekick and Coach Jepson jumping out of trees to high 5 me - sheltering from  the heat was the real reason. The heat was intense and the humidity seemed to be taking out a number of my fellow competitors which only reinforced the messages in my head to remain steady. 

A special shout out to my holiday children Beau Smith and Libby for their support on the day with Beau like a guardian angel on the run with little reminders to look up, keep turning over my legs and little motivational snippets 😍 

The final 2k I remained controlled then on the final stretch with full racepace possy shouting go on Lozza, Lo, Thompson I managed to find a spurt of energy passing a yankeedoodle and feeling elated that I had made it over the finish line. 

Overall a great experience with some special people that I will always remember and feel proud to have represented my country in a great race on the other side of the world 😀