Gaz Dixon

So, after being on the island for over a week, race day had finally arrived!

My prep had gone well and I was feeling ready to deliver the best race I could. Being there the whole week had its plus points, you got to see just how the races played out, it became obvious very quickly the heat was going to play a strong roll!

As we arrived to finish a our transition prep we were told the swim had been reduced from the normal 1500m to 1250m due to strong currents, soon after we took to the water.

As soon as you jumped in the current made its self known, it pushed you away from the pontoon. Drafting on feet in this swim was going to me more important for me than ever before! The horn sounded and we are away, then disaster struck - my goggles got knocked from my face, I made the decision to stop and put them back on but this cost me those all important feet! The swim may of been 1250m but it felt longer than 1500m fair to say it wasn't my best swim but I was determined not to let it affect my mind set for the rest of the race.

A long run to t1 to collect the bike and transition couldn't of gone better! Out on to the 40k out and back bike leg, a flat and fast course meant for some fast times. I set out to ride the bike smooth and hard but not going too deep. I had seen the full effects of a hard bike had on the run in the sprint race! The bike passed without any problem and I was happy how it went, kept it smooth and stayed hydrated.

Through t2 quick without an issue.

Out onto the run, after talking with Rodger the plan was to build into my run through the 1st kilometre, this went well and set me up for a run I was very happy with. By pacing and running it right, I pulled back a lot of places while feeling good, now I'm not sure many could say that on the run!

So from bad to good to very good! I am happy with how my race went.