Coached Athlete

The Coached Athlete or Silver package is most suited to a goal orientated athlete, it involves the right guidance and structure with 1-2-1 input and feedback.

Athletes may have a background in another sport and already have a good physical and psychological understanding of themselves.

They are capable of implementing the plan and feedback on a regular basis.  Available with Coach Sarah & Coach Beau

The Silver package includes:

  • Coached athletes receive a specific training plan based on their personal circumstances and the goals we initially agree. 

  • During a four week training cycle you will complete an in depth 1-2-1 with your coach. The date and location will work smartly around your available time and commitments. 

  • The 1-2-1's are substantial and can vary in length depending on the session planned, for example it could either be a 90min open water swimming & run session or a 3 hour endurance ride. We don't put time limits on our 1-2-1's, the athletes progression is our focus.

  • Specific swim, bike and run sessions delivered in weekly blocks.

  • Athlete-Coach communication will be on a frequent basis - we encourage athletes to be active with communication including feedback and session file uploads.

  • As a coached athlete you'll receive a discount when joining British Triathlon & British Cycling. 

  • Racepace kit will be available at cost price.

  • We don't believe in contracts - you can enter an initial block to see how it works for you.

Cost: from £175 per 4 week block