What we do

We believe in forming healthy, positive relationships with those we work closely with and we will invest in establishing a deep understanding of them as an athlete but also as a person.

Our aim is to work closely alongside our athletes with the goal of not just making them fitter, but making them a more athletically intelligent and rounded athlete.  

We take a proactive role ensuring you, the athlete, remain motivated, stimulated and challenged at the right times.

We willingly spend as much time as necessary to plan and evaluate your sessions, making sure we maximise your personal circumstances.

Most importantly, we coach with a positive, optimistic mindset and we strive to inspire you to achieve.

Over time, the ability of the athlete will be determined by how willing they are to commit to a process; to train, to communicate, to develop & to compete.


We have had a number of successes with the dedicated athletes we've worked with.

Our coaching ethos prioritises the athletes' opinions about their own performances over their actual 'achievements'.

Ultimately, only the athletes themselves know exactly what it is they have achieved through the coaching process.


"For anyone wanting to improve and see how good they can become at triathlon then professional coaching is the route you need to take. I can’t sing highly enough about what Rodger has done for me. His dedication to multi discipline sports and his attention to detail with all his athletes has made me a much improved triathlete and it is still early days. Roll on the rest of 2017"